Tea is the new coffee

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar is a true brand from Rotterdam. It is embraced by the community and brings a relaxing atmosphere to a dynamic city like Rotterdam. The challenge of the project was to rebrand YoYo! to an all season brand. Since a strong pink and green were the main brand colors, the community considered it a summer brand. We started from the beginning. A brand new website, new photos and videos to kickstart the new look and feel of YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar. 


Marketing and branding


Brace Yourselves. Winter is Coming.

We created pictures for winter-only beverages to rebrand YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar to an all season company. The picture shows The Ginger Boost Tea.


tea is the key

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar is all about tea. Tea is the base of the drinks and are carefully chosen. We made sure to always include fresh ingredients in photos and videos.  


Lifestyle brand

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar focuses on their costumers' lifestyle. Since the image of lifestyle is the drive for their merchandise and marketing, we put a lot of care to visualize this community.