The Cookie Monster


The Cookie Monster (2013)

The Cookie Monster (2013) is my graduation project on the Willem de Kooning Academy. It is a mockumentary about excessive consumption of social media and how this leads to an innovation of loneliness and social anxiety. Digital cookies is used throughout the mockumentary as a metaphor for excessive consumptiono of the internet. It is no coincidence that the Cookie Monster is blue and white, annoying, constantly poking you... and it wants to be your friend.


Casting and crew

Directed and written by: Wilsun Cheung
Producer: Irene Chan
Narration: Guan Her Ng
Advisor: Mona Dekker
Advisor #2: Andre Hasan
Advisor #3: Femke de Vries
Casting: Jair Lub, Nikki Ngai, Stephanie Cheng, Wan Kuen Chan, Irene Chan, Eric de Waal, Julia Delekh, Woutair Koomen, Vincent Paolo Corputtu, Robin Lee, Frits Chung, Jeroen van Wel, Milou van Mook

Special thanks to: Willem de Kooning Academie, Universiteit Leiden, VU Amsterdam, Yan Chuen Church, Timmie Ng, Andy Cheung, Alexander Jong, Chichi Cheung,

Music #1: Introversion - In a lonely place
Music #2: Sinc - Coolest Loser
Music #3: TFC - Koekverslaafde (www.everyting.nl)