Lunar is a crowdfunding (Kickstarter) project for a smartwatch. It is the successor of Nevo, the project that started on indiegogo.


Inspired by the moon

During my stay in Hong Kong, I have worked with a tech company called Medcorp. After the smart watch (Nevo) launched on indiegogo.com and raised a booming $386,246 in 2015, it was time to release an even more advanced product. But this time we were focused on kickstarter.com. Together with a creative agency ADAYS, we produced a series of promotional and instructional videos to ensure a successful launch.


Working abroad


The challenge of this project is to work with many parties and individuals across the sea. While our team was working in The Netherlands we spent a lot of time to ensure qualitative locations. The product was not working at the moment so many functions had to be done in post.


Instructional video

Since the smartwatch is quite minimalistic but complex, it needed a clear instruction video. We took the challenge and broke down every step so it is easy to understand for the user.


FIlm and photo

Lunar is a brand for pioneers of technology, people who love sustainability and design. To match this vision, we provided a series of photoshoot to communicate the value of Lunar. 




Nevo is the precursor of Lunar. It was made with simplicity and technology in mind.  A French design with Swiss timekeeping, activity tracking, phone notifications and more. It was a huge success on indiegogo.com and raised $386,246 in 2015.